Help animals at the Georgia Capitol!


Past Legislation


PASSED! ~ SB 72 “Tanya’s Law” Increased Penalties for Harming a Police Dog 

PASSED! ~ HB 160 Repeal Raccoon Trapping Prohibition – Very harmful to household Pets!    
Game, Fish & Parks Committee (requested by DNR)
This bill expands trapping with steel-jaw leghold, snare, conibear and other traps which not only trap, main and kill wildlife but also dogs/cats/eagles & other “non-target” species.


SB 173 Cost Of Animal Care ~ SUPPORT
This is a taxpayer savings bill.
This bill establishes a legal process so that anyone who has had his or her animals lawfully seized due to cruelty may be required to pay for the animals’ care if a court determines the seizure was lawful and the costs requested are reasonable.  It also prevents local and state agencies in Georgia from incurring huge costs in animal cruelty cases, saving tax dollars and animal lives.


HB 124 Prohibit Breed Specific Regulations ~ CAUTIOUSLY SUPPORT   
NO ACTION TAKEN. However, there is much concern that amendments could be added to allow for more tethering, to repeal current tethering laws, and to repeal mandatory spay/neuter ordinances

SB 184 Prohibit Breed Specific Regulations ~ CAUTIOUSLY SUPPORT                               
However, there is much concern that amendments could be added to allow for more tethering, to repeal current tethering laws, and to repeal mandatory spay/neuter ordinances.

HB 290 Animal Safety in Trucks  ~ SUPPORT                                                         

Motor Vehicle Committee.  No movement.

SB 180 Make Hedge hogs as Pocket Pets ~ OPPOSE
Wild Animals; exempt the African pygmy hedgehog from wild animal license and permit requirements  

HB 274 African Pygmy Hedgehogs as Pocket Pets ~ OPPOSE              
In general, exotic (non-native) and wild animals are unsuitable for home rearing and handling. They suffer and die in the pet trade and bring parasites to domestic pets.

There were several proposed resolutions & a bill relating to Horse Racing in GA. There was no movement on these. There were several bills that pertain to farm animals.  


2014 Huge Wins for the Animals!  Make no mistake, this would NOT have happened without professional lobbying and your help!

PASSED! ~ HB 863  It will strengthen the prosecution of starvation and torture ~ SUPPORT

Even though there was strong opposition in the Senate, it passed by a vote of 29-20.  See how your Senator voted.

Please thank him/her or ask why they voted against this much needed bill. 

DID NOT PASS ~ HB 423, known as the "raccoon" bill, did not pass ~ OPPOSE

This bill allowed for the capture of raccoons to be used as live bait.  These "trials" create a threat of distemper, a deadly air borne virus, to domestic pets and wild animals. See live video:


An actual fundraiser for St Jude's Hospital sanctioned by the American Kennel Club:


PASSED ~ SB 290 It will allow the chemical sterilization of animals (right now "zeutering" is available and other methods may be forth coming). ~ SUPPORT

This will make a huge difference in neutering dogs and cutting down on pet overpopulation!

DID NOT PASS ~ HB 780 It would have allowed hedgehogs as pets ~ OPPOSE

DID NOT PASS ~ HB 180 which would have put money from specialty tags into the state spay/neuter fund did not pass. - SUPPORT


DID NOT PASS ~ HB 724 It would have made attending a cockfight a felony and was supported by the GA Sheriffs' Association ~ SUPPORT

However, a new federal bill went through that makes attending any animal fight a federal offense.

DID NOT PASS ~ HB 409 a detriment to public safety ~ OPPOSE

It stripped local counties/municipalities of the ability to govern their animal control issues based on community needs.

Find out who your Senator and Representative are and learn about them! CLICK HERE for Citizen Lobbying Tips

*Keep your Representative and Senator's emails and phone numbers should be in you address book for further communication. 

If you don't know who your elected House Representative or Senator is, there's an easy way to find out:

  • Go to and enter your nine-digit zip code in the search field on the home page. You will be taken to a page with links to all your elected officials. Choose the link entitled "State Legislative" and the site will display your State Senator and Representative. You can email by clicking through from the votesmart site, or you can copy the email address and send otherwise.
  • If you don't know your nine-digit zip code, look on any piece of junk mail that has arrived at your home recently. Or go to under "Quick Tools" and click on "Look up Zip Code."

Most bills that go through the General Assembly with very little or no input from citizens. Even a few emails can make a big difference to a legislator who may be "on the fence" about his or her vote.