SB 356: Cost Of Animal Care ~ PASSED!

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SB 168: Adoptable Dog as our official State Dog - PASSED!

(hitchhiked on another code bill (SB 168) after stalling in Senate)
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HB 736: (New) Spay Neuter Tag - PASSED!

Combined into bill with another tag. This new process will generate much more money per tag for S/N grants than other available tags.
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HB 727: Senate agreed to amendment on Fireworks Bill - AMENDED

Some local control restored. Improvement on 2015 laws
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SB 184: BAD BILL (still known as BSL bill) ~ PASSED

Passed by substitute, but with only one bad amendment:  AKC registered hunting dogs receive the same license discount as altered dogs. BSL was completely removed in the substitute.

SB 184 was originally written as a Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) bill, meaning that specific breeds - like pit bulls - cannot be targeted for legislation, and it passed the Senate.
Before arriving at the House committee the language of the bill was totally changed. All BSL language was removed and the substitution gave special benefits to hunting dogs and American Kennel Club (breeder) dogs.
The public was not allowed to comment.

Note: SB 184 sets a dangerous precedent where the State can dictate local laws for pets, potentially stopping local ordinances like mandatory spay/neuter or anti chaining.

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