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Positive bills for animals that passed in 2018:
HB253: PASSED as an amendment to HB695.

To restore funding to original Spay/Neuter tag. Legislation/en-US/display/ 20172018/HB/695
Sincere thanks to Humane Association of GA, who led the original campaign to establish spay/neuter license tags, and worked diligently to restore full funding for Spay/Neuter grants that had been diminished over the years. GA Department of Agriculture will now be able to provide more grants to GA Shelters and Rescue Groups.


To allow local governments to dial back the hours that fireworks are allowed. gov/Legislation/en-US/display/ 20172018/HB/419
You can now work on local ordinances to minimize the dates and times that fireworks can be set off. Must be coordinated with your local noise ordinance.

Bad bills for animals that passed in 2018:


Veterinary Practice Act. Originally was neutral but the language from SB257 was added to the final version. SB257 Makes it more difficult for Law Enforcement to charge someone with Farm Animal Cruelty. Vet confidentiality modification added too. Rabies Vaccine history must be disclosed in bite cases. Legislation/en-US/display/ 20172018/HB/956


Hunter Mentorship Bill passed via substitute bill. Seems to be more focused on preserving hunting land. Legislation/en-US/display/ 20172018/HB/332


Hunting restrictions modified. It does not appear that the language to remove baiting restrictions was passed, but air guns have been added to hunting weapons allowed. Legislation/en-US/display/ 20172018/HB/275

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