The United Voice for Animal Protection Laws

President: Charles DeVane

Charles has devoted much of his life helping homeless animals. He grew up in Quitman and graduated from Valdosta State University and has lived in Quitman, GA all his life. He is a successful businessman and investor.

Charles served as past president of the Valdosta Humane Society from 2005-2007. In 2008, he founded Brooks Area Rescue Club (BARC). Charles, as head of BARC, funded a new shelter in the city of Quitman. He has worked tirelessly with local and state officials on law enforcement training and the passage of animal protection laws. He and his wife Linda have several rescued horses and dogs.

Charles says “I've lived in south Georgia all my life and I think it’s a shame that anyone would intentionally harm or neglect an animal. Unfortunately, it is quite a common occurrence. Many of us try to make a difference in our world. I believe that by focusing on legislation at the Georgia Capitol, we’re going to make the most substantial impact for a better world for animals throughout the state."