(GACAP is for Animal Advocating Organizations Only)


Overview of the Georgia Alliance for Companion Animal Protection



Coordinated by the GA Pet Coalition, The Georgia Alliance for Companion Animal Protection (GACAP) is a high Impact network of organizations dedicated to improving companion animal welfare through legislative advocacy at the Georgia Capitol. Comprised of 501c3 and 501c4 nonprofit organizations, we believe that working together can bring about positive change for animals more effectively. State legislators have repeatedly emphasized that consensus messaging is one of the most influential means of lobbying for policy change. Simply put, broad coalitions are more likely to win legislative campaigns! 


Who Can Participate in the Alliance?


  • Leaders of 501c3 and 501c4 organizations dedicated to the protection of Georgia’s companion animals

  • Subject matter experts involved with companion animal protection 



Why Should Your Organization Participate in the Alliance? 


  • Amplify your organization’s influence through coalition building, consensus messaging and endorsement of policies. 

  • Provide critical data on companion animal issues in your region.

  • Participate in the annual Humane Leader Legislative Summit. 

  • Receive legislative updates and action alerts during the Legislative Session. 

  • Participate in outreach to lawmakers via phone calls, meetings and shelter site visits. 



Organizational Structure: 

The Alliance is not incorporated or registered as a formal organization. The Alliance relies on a coordinated commitment from member organizations to support an annual package of policies for consideration by the Georgia General Assembly and/or Executive Branch. Any organization that supports the Alliance’s legislative goals can be a member. It is understood that not all member organizations share identical ideological interests. However, the purpose of the Alliance is to stand united where our goals align. Membership does not preclude organizations from independently pursuing policies unrelated to the Alliance’s strategic legislative agenda. As a courtesy to the Alliance lobbyists, any member submitting a separate bill to the GA General Assembly should notify the Leadership Lobby Team. 


Leadership Lobby Team: 

The Leadership Lobby Team includes organizations that work legislatively at the state level. They are responsible for developing the annual and long-range strategic plans, devising consensus messaging and fact sheets for legislators, and planning the Alliance’s annual events. Professional lobbyists are charged with advocating the Alliance’s policy recommendations before the Georgia General Assembly and the Executive Branch.  As the only GA-based 501c4 focused on companion animal welfare, the Georgia Pet Coordinator serves as the coordinator for the Alliance and  liaison to general members. 


General Membership: 

  • Membership is for organizations only. Individual advocates are represented through GPC or other organizations 

  • Any organization that supports the Alliance’s legislative goals can be a member. 

  • Membership implies endorsement (or neutrality) for bills and positions proposed by the Alliance. A member organization may withdraw its name from the Alliance, if it cannot support a particular bill. Withdrawal is not considered permanent. 

  • Potential members will be invited to attend an annual Open House to learn about the Alliance. Upon joining, new members will be invited to participate in the Humane Leader Legislative Summit. 

  • The Alliance will maintain a long range, policy wish list reflecting its priorities. 

  • General members can participate on Adjunct Policy Committees as needed and specific to their expertise. 

  • No voting will be involved. However, members will be surveyed annually in the late spring via email for input on priority issues. Responses will be balanced against feedback from lobbyists and state lawmakers regarding feasibility of initiatives. Final determination of the Alliance’s bills will be made by the Leadership Lobby Team. 

  • Member organizations and advisors will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct as representatives of the Alliance. 

  • Member organizations will receive periodic legislative updates and action alerts during the Legislative Session and will be encouraged to participate in strategically timed phone calls and emails to state lawmakers. 

  • For inquiries about joining, please email Peggy McCarthey, 



Annual Events: 

GACAP Planning Sessions (August-December) – Leadership Lobby Team and Adjunct Policy Committees 

  • Plan policy initiatives for 2022 

  • Plan Alliance events GACAP 



Open House (November) – Potential Member Orgs 

  • Learn about the shared mission and policy goals of the Alliance 

  • Meet the Alliance’s Leadership Lobby Team 



GACAP Humane Legislative Summit (December) – All Member Orgs 


  • Legislative outlook for 2022 

  • Learn how to effectively engage in grassroots advocacy for the 2022 General Assembly – use of strategically-timed phone calls and emails to lawmakers 



Co-Host with HSUS-GA and GPC for Animal Rescue Recognition Day/Lobby Day at the GA Capitol (February 2022) 


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