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All in for animals… together

The Georgia Alliance for Companion Animal Protection (GACAP) is a statewide network of organizations dedicated to improving companion animal welfare through legislative advocacy. Comprised of 501c3 and 501c4 organizations, we believe that working together can bring about positive change for animals more effectively than individual efforts. A consensus message has more impact with lawmakers than mixed messages from multiple organizations and individuals. In short, the power of an alliance outweighs that of any one organization and is more likely to win legislative campaigns.


GACAP’s mission is to protect GA’s companion animals from abuse, neglect, and overpopulation under four policy pillars:

1. Curb Puppy Mills and Illegal Pet Sales by Backyard Breeders;

2. Promote Responsible Pet Ownership and Lifesaving Measures (including spay/neuter);

3. Provide Continuing Education for Law Enforcement, Animal Control, Prosecutors and Judges; and

4. Recognize the Link Between Animal Welfare and Public Health/Safety.

These pillars not only protect the wellbeing of companion animals but also the communities where they live.


Who Can Participate in GACAP?

• Leaders of humane organizations

• Subject matter experts


Why Should Your Organization Participate in GACAP?

• ENDORSEMENT: Amplify your organization’s influence by endorsement of companion animal bills and ordinances.

• OUTREACH: Build relationships with state and local lawmakers via phone calls, meetings, and shelter site visits.

• INPUT: Provide input on animal issues in your region and participate on policy study committees (optional).


Additional Member Information:

• GACAP is not incorporated or registered as a formal organization but relies on a coordinated commitment from member organizations to support companion animal bills and ordinances. This coordination ensures that members do not unnecessarily duplicate efforts or work at cross-purposes.

• Membership implies endorsement (or neutrality) for state bills supported by GACAP.

• GACAP offers assistance to members for pursuing local ordinances which complement or incrementally build momentum for state bills.

• It is understood that not all member organizations share identical ideological interests. However, consensus messaging can be achieved where our goals align and through respectful collaboration.

To optimize the effectiveness of GACAP, we ask the leader of each member organization to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Code of Conduct.

• Members are welcome to provide data on companion animal issues from their region and participate on policy study committees specific to their expertise.

• Recommendations from study committees will be forwarded annually to the GA Pet Coalition (GPC, a 501c4), and other designated lobbyists for final determination of priority bills.

• Membership in GACAP is free; however, members are encouraged to support GPC’s professional lobbying efforts with a donation.

• Members are invited to the annual Humane Legislative Summit held in January.

• Members will receive legislative updates, action alerts, and fact sheets during the Georgia General Assembly, and will be encouraged to participate in strategically timed phone calls and emails to state lawmakers. In-person meetings and shelter site visits with lawmakers are especially impactful.

• Members are also encouraged to share action alerts within their organizations and networks.


Questions? Contact Peggy McCarthey, Coordinator, at


Updated 10-27-2022



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