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For individuals, rescues and shelters

Find your legislators.

Humane Society Legislative Fund 

To see how your federal legislators vote on federal animal issues.

Animal Law Source

Professionals and the public can access current information related to animals which will enhance an effective community response to animal related issues in Georgia. This site provides a collection of legal cases and statutes, comprehensive content, resources, best practices, news, training and other information for legal, law enforcement, veterinary, animal sheltering fields and more. 

Animal Welfare Institute

Facts and myths about domestic violence and animal abuse

Georgia Pet Foundation

Be part of the solution. $19 of the $25 specialty tag fee will go directly to local spay/neuter initiatives.

Low Cost Spay Neuter Programs in Georgia

Get a full list of low or no cost spay/neuter programs all over Georgia.


Georgia SPOT Society

The Georgia SPOT (Stopping Pet Overpopulation Together) Society, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to reducing the number of animals impounded and killed in Atlanta area animal control facilities.

The League of Humane Voters Georgia Facebook Page 

Lets you know who the animal friendly legislators are. You can also contact them and let them know about any animal friendly elected officials (or potential elected officials) in your area. JOIN them now as your part in passing good laws and stopping bad ones.

This is an incredible site loaded with information on every topic! You can use it whenever you have a question pertaining to pets, rescued animals and more! Learn where to APPLY FOR GRANTS that can offer financial assistance to individuals. Some can even cover the cost of some routine medical bills, even spay/neuter expense!

Fix Georgia Pets

Anyone who has visited a Georgia shelter or rescue knows that we have a pet overpopulation problem!
If everyone in Georgia of working age gave just $5 we could "fix" Georgia and stop hundreds of thousands of beautiful, healthy pets from being euthanized. 800 DOGS AND CATS ARE EUTHANIZED EVERY HOUR in the United States because there aren't enough homes. BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!


Animal Legal Defense Fund

U.S. STATE ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS RANKINGS REPORT MAPS The Animal Legal Defense Fund has published the 14th annual U.S. State Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report.SM It is the longest-running and most authoritative of its kind, assessing the strength of each state’s animal protection laws by examining over 3,400 pages of statutes. Each state is ranked based on 19 different categories of animal protection.  



Watch the series by Emmy award-winning Investigative Journalist, Rebecca Lindstrom from 11Alive 


Pet Store Preemption Bill: An Attack on Local Governments & Animal Welfare 

In response to local ordinances prohibiting the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores, a front group for the pet store chain, Petland, and their lobbyists are going state-to-state, asking lawmakers to pass preemption bills to prohibit local regulation of pet stores and void existing ordinances. These bills, commonly disguised as animal welfare bills, are often deceiving and harmful towards animals and consumers.


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