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Georgia's 2024 Legislative Session Is Now Open

Today marks the opening of Georgia’s 2024 legislative session which runs for 40 workdays (through late March/early April). To receive updates on bills that benefit or harm companion animals, please sign up for GPC’s email Action Alerts here:

The GPC’s legislative priorities are to (1) mitigate illegal pet sales by unregulated backyard breeders; (2) increase the number of vets providing low cost spay/neuter; (3) keep horse racing venues out of Georgia; and (4) stop Petland from passing bills that would strip local ordinances from regulating the retail sales of pets.

Stay tuned for GPC’s Action Alerts! At that time, we will ask you to make a brief call to your two state legislators (state senator and state house representative).

To find your state legislators, click here:

Every voice matters! Thank you!

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