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UPDATE - passed out of Senate Judiciary Feb. 12!

HB 404, the Safe at Home Act:

Housing insecurity is one of the top reasons that companion animals are surrendered to shelters or abandoned. HB 404 will help ensure more stable housing for low-income renters, thus decreasing the risk of eviction and homelessness for their pets.

Bill components:

- Residential rental property must be “fit for human habitation.”

- Security deposits must be capped two months’ rent.

- Landlords must give tenants written notice and three-business days to pay delinquent rent (“right to cure”) before the landlord can file for eviction.

Stay tuned for Action Alerts! Thank you to lead sponsors, Representative Kasey Carpenter and Senator Chuck Hufstetler, and five cosponsors in the House for introducing this bill.

HB 404 bill language:

For more information:

Contact Elizabeth J. Appley, Attorney and Public Policy Advocate

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